Ecosexuals will gather to have sex with the Earth. But what if the Earth just wants to be friends?

Washington Times:

An experimental art festival in Sydney, Australia, this week features a project deemed the world’s first “ecosexual bathhouse.”
The Syndey LiveWorks Festival taking place Nov. 1-5 includes a project by artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express. The “multi-chamber walk through labyrinth” is designed to introduce participants to the “world of environmental eroticism.”

“We may look back on 2016 as the year ecosexuality hit the mainstream,” Vice News, which broke the story, said Wednesday.
Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, told the website that there was a wide spectrum of behavior found within the ecosex “movement.” She said there are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” but also individuals who “[expletive] trees.”

Promotional material for the event found on bills it as “an immersive experience inviting you to leave the urban wasteland behind and open yourself up to an intimate encounter with the biosphere.”

this would literally be dirty sex.

But this is the kind of thing which happens nowadays in which regular people will roll their eyes when they hear about it but can’t actually come up with a single reason that it’s absurd. They know it is. But they’ve cut themselves off from all reason in order to accommodate the sexual revolution, belief in genderlessness, and yeah contraception and abortion that they can’t even say why this is absurd anymore.

It seems to me that you’re always going to have lunatics. But what we have now is a society that can’t point out to the lunatic where they’ve gone wrong.