Someone said to me that I’m not really pro-life because I’m voting Trump. I get a little tired of the demonizing of people who think otherwise. My brother Pat is very against Trump. I haven’t bothered to argue with him because he’s in New York so it’s not like his vote matters anyway. But for me, in a swing state (maybe?), it matters.

I would argue that no vote has ever proved my pro-life commitment more as I’m voting for a man I don’t particularly like or trust on many issues because the alternative, Hillary Clinton, would be a guaranteed calamity to the pro-life movement.

And besides, everyone in D.C. will essentially be aligned against Trump that he will not be able to get away with much. Hillary, on the other hand, already owns the media and the Department of Justice giving carte blanche to the Clinton Money Machine. And, I don’t know if you’ve heard, Hillary’s shown a penchant for corruption.