Georgetown Law professor advised Clinton campaign to resist conscience protections for overseas taxpayer-funded abortions

In an email uncovered by Wikileaks, Georgetown Law professor Jennifer Klein advised Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman John Podesta against providing conscience protections for overseas faith-based groups that don’t want to pay for or promote abortion if changes are made to the Hyde Amendment.
Klein wrote, “The conscience clause is at best odd and at worst harmful,” adding, “I’d even go one step further to argue that if Helms were amended so that abortions could be paid for in cases of rape, that factor should be considered in the application given the reality that in many parts of the world, the USAID grantee is going to be the only health care available, and in some of those places … the availability of abortion in the case of a rape might be important.”
FYI: Parents are paying about $55,000 per year for the honor of sending their children to be “educated” at Georgetown by professors like Klein.

Debate boils over sex education in Catholic schools
With recent well-publicized protests from parents of Catholic school students to the firestorm over new sex-education materials published by the Vatican, things only seem to be growing more intense, leaving many faithful Catholic parents looking for answers.
I wrote a piece for the National Catholic Register examining the controversies which features comments from Dr. Dan Guernsey of The Cardinal Newman Society.

DePaul presents ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as same-sex lovers/Black Lives Matter drama

The Theatre School at DePaul University will present “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare as a tale of “star-crossed female lovers” set in the sociopolitical landscape of Black Lives Matter and the struggle for gender equality, according to Broadway World.
Scheduled to run November 4-13, this “retelling of Shakespeare’s classic that explores sexual identity, familiar obligation, and public unrest in the modern world.”
I’ve read that Shakespeare was likely Catholic. This inappropriate reimagining of his work adds to long list of concerns about DePaul’s commitment to being Catholic.

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