A woman who is “transitioning” to become a man needs a hysterectomy. STAT! And he wants a Catholic hospital to do it. Because you know, I guess, Catholic hospitals are the only hospitals in the area with scalpels and pointy things.

RT News:

To be clear, the Catholic hospital will perform hysterectomies when they’re medically necessary. But the hospital didn’t think “I wanna’ be a dude” was a medical issue.

A lawsuit filed on Thursday claims that a Catholic hospital denied a transgender man a hysterectomy due to ethical and religious directives from the US Conference of Bishops. The man, Jionni Conforti alleges that doing so violated his patient’s bill of rights that states hospitals will provide medical services regardless of “gender identity or question.”

In June 2015, Jionni Conforti went to St. Joseph’s Wayne in New Jersey to schedule his hysterectomy. The head nurse in charge of surgery there “assured” him that there would be no issues having the procedure at either the Wayne hospital or its other location in Paterson.

The procedure was deemed “medically necessary” to treat Conforti, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2014, court documents said. He had “long struggled with depression and anxiety rooted in the need to align himself with his true sex.”

Conforti began receiving hormone therapy as part of the treatment, and received recommendations from both his primary care physician and his therapist that he undergo a hysterectomy. Part of his decision to have the surgery was due to “a possible link between Jionni’s hormone therapy and certain reproductive system cancers,” the lawsuit said.

Eight days later, however, Conforti’s surgeon told him that hospital administration would not allow the operation at either facility. The same day, he received an email from Father Martin D. Rooney, director of mission services at St. Joseph’s Hospital System, reiterating that the surgery would not be scheduled.

This is New Jersey, right? Do you know how many hospitals there are in New Jersey? Uhm. A lot.

But, as you know, this lawsuit has more to do with forcing the Catholic hospital to perform a procedure it believes morally wrong than having the procedure done itself. This clown could walk into any non-Catholic hospital and have his innards rearranged any ol’ way he wants. But no, he has to have a judge force a Catholic hospital to do it.

Anti-Catholic fascism is all the rage nowadays. And most of us are too cowed to say anything about it.

In the words of the great bowler and Judaism scholar Walter Sobchak, “I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.” I’m thinking he’s right. At least these fascists have an ethos that they’re willing to cram down our throats. Most Catholics and Christians only want to accept the tenets of our faith that will make us liked by the media and the cultural elite -none of whom they actually know or will ever speak with!

So yeah, these fascists believe in what they’re pushing wholeheartedly and they are willing to implement their utopia into reality by force if necessary. They’re going all Meryl Streep on us and we’re going Sally “You like me” Field. And Meryl beats Sally every time.