Another teacher in same-sex marriage sues Catholic school, diocese after being fired

After losing his job following the announcement of his same-sex marriage to another man on Facebook, a male substitute teacher at a Catholic school in Charlotte, N.C., has filed a federal lawsuit alleging illegal discrimination.
Unsurprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union is involved on the man’s behalf and is urging the court to strip Catholic schools of their right to hire and fire for mission. Does the ACLU remember that freedom of religion is in the Bill of Rights?
A spokesman for the Diocese of Charlotte said the former employee was let go “for going on Facebook, entering in a same-sex relationship and saying in a very public way that he does not agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”
The former employee told the media, “I wasn’t working for a church. In my mind, I was working for a school.” If you separate the Church from the school, we’re no longer talking about a Catholic school or a Catholic education. Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand this, which is why we need to continue to strengthen — and explain the importance of — Catholic education.
A former Catholic school employee in the Archdiocese of Newark filed a lawsuit a few months ago after being terminated for entering into a same-sex marriage. That case is still ongoing.

Wheeling Jesuit to commemorate former KKK, pro-abortion Senator Robert Byrd

Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, W.Va., will host a traveling exhibit commemorating the life and career of pro-abortion Senator (and former Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan) Robert Byrd starting next week.
The Byrd Center says on its website that its mission is to “advance representative democracy by promoting a better understanding of the United States Congress and the Constitution.” I guess they hadn’t read the Fourteenth Amendment which states that the government shall not deprive any person of LIFE.
“We are honored to host this exhibit that chronicles the life and legacy of Sen. Byrd,” said Dr. Robert Phillips, vice president of academics at Wheeling Jesuit. Why?

The university has close ties to Byrd. A building is named after him, and he helped secure millions of dollars for the university.

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