Remember in July, the US Supreme Court remanded the HHS Mandate back to the drawing board, ordering them to find ways to accommodate the objections of religious organizations such as The Little Sisters of the Poor and many Catholic colleges, and Christian organizations.

Unsurprisingly, the National Law Journal this week reported that after receiving over 54,000 comments, the federal agencies are saying they will not modify the mandate at all.

In a Jan. 9 FAQ Release, the Department of Labor said in part, according to Religion Clause:

the comments reviewed by the Departments in response to the RFI indicate that no feasible approach has been identified at this time that would resolve the concerns of religious objectors, while still ensuring that the affected women receive full and equal health coverage, including contraceptive coverage.

So the US Supreme Court told them to change the HHS Mandate and over 54,000 people offered comments. But still, nothing.

One would have to guess that this will end up once again in the Supreme Court. Hopefully, President Trump will nominate a conservative justice who will respect religious liberty.