Quick! To the memory hole!

This news will promptly be ignored by the mainstream media. But you know all those “anti-Semitic hate crimes” that were bomb threats against Jewish community centers that inspired handwringing among Democrats and the media about Donald Trump and his eeeeeevil supporters.

Well, guess who got arrested for it. Not a Donald Trump supporter.


Israeli authorities have arrested a 19-year-old suspect in connection with dozens of hoax bomb threats to Jewish community centers in the United States and around the world. ABC News reports that the unnamed suspect is a dual U.S.-Israel citizen.

Other reports indicate that the suspect is Jewish.

The arrest was “part of an ongoing international investigation that has been taking place for several months with other police and security agencies in America and Europe,” Arutz Sheva reports.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said the suspect was “the guy who was behind the [Jewish Community Center] threats,” according to CBS News’ New York affiliate. The threats were also made in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the U.S.

The suspect allegedly used technology in an attempt to hide his location. No motive for the hoax threats has yet been reported. The Jerusalem Post reports that the suspect is thought to be responsible for “most” of the threats.

The threats, causing panic at Jewish schools, synagogues, and community centers, were often blamed by Democrats and the some journalists on supporters of President Donald Trump.

Who could’ve possibly have seen this coming? Oh yeah, anyone who’s been paying attention.

You will not be seeing this on the 6 o’clock news. But please just imagine for a moment how much publicity this arrest would get if it were a white American dude with a pickup truck.

*subhead*Not Trump.*subhead*