White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was recently profiled in New York Magazine and said something troubling. The thing is, I’m not sure I believe she said it or if she did say it, what was the context. The media is…well, the media.


One story of Conway’s in particular struck a nerve with some. Conway identifies as pro-life, but told New York Magazine she’s “sympathetic” to women who undergo the procedure.

“Do I know anybody who ever got an abortion? Well, of course I do. I’ve driven them there. I’ve helped pay,” she told New York Magazine.
“You know, when you’re young, you’re thinking about the person, not the issue. We were younger, and I was focused on her, not on the larger public policy.”

Unsettling, right?

The piece doesn’t elaborate on whether she was pro-life at that time or changed later or what. But the thought that abortion is, at its heart, a public policy issue is disturbing as well. As if paying for an abortion isn’t all that bad because she’s pro-life on public policy.

And what she may or may not have said is disturbing because it seems to buy into the myth that pro-lifers are more concerned with their ideology, rather than the women involved. So what, now she’s not focused on “her” but only the public policy.

Who knows if she even said it? Who knows if there’s context to it. That’s the problem with the media being so corrupt. You can’t even argue about quotes attributed to people because you can’t actually know what they said or meant. And even if the reporter doesn’t think they’re misrepresenting Conway, it’s likely they don’t actually understand pro-life views well enough tp report on them accurately.

Clearly, there’s some regret because she refers to it by saying, “You know when you’re young…” But to be clear, killing the unborn isn’t just bad public policy, it’s a moral calamity.