An abortion clinic is worried about the safety of drivers. At least they are, now.

Christian News:

Hundreds of Christians flooded the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center on Monday night to stand against a request from abortion advocacy groups that would ban a mobile pro-life pregnancy center from parking outside of an abortion facility.

For more than a decade, both pro-life and pro-abortion residents have gathered outside of A Preferred Women’s Health Center, with numbers fluctuating from dozens to thousands. On a regular basis, pro-lifers offer literature and free assistance, as well as gift bags to mothers who decide not to go through with their appointment with death.

Because of the volume of traffic at the location, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has now requested that the Charlotte Department of Transportation study potential changes. The abortion facility and its advocates have also requested that “no parking” signs be placed in the immediate area.

They claim that the mobile pregnancy center and the signs displayed by pro-lifers cause traffic visibility hazards.

“This is about patient safety and safety of staff and traffic and even neighboring businesses that are having issues delivering services to people as needed due to the influx of people on Latrobe,” facility administrator Calla Hales told TWC News Charlotte.

But members of the group Cities4Life note that the work of the Monroe HELP Center, which offers free help to mothers, would be hindered if the “no parking” signs are installed. They believe that abortion advocacy groups and the city are just trying to get rid of them.

“We’re there … where and when they most need it,” center volunteer Vicki Kaseorg testified on Monday. “[It] would not be possible if all these regulations to limit our ability to do so were enacted.”

Lakilra Flowe, a mother who chose life because of the mobile HELP Center, stood by Kaseorg’s side, holding her infant child and nodding in agreement. Flowe now volunteers herself to help save lives outside of the abortion facility.

This would be funny if it weren’t vomit-inducing.

Now that the pro-lifers are saving babies’ lives the town and the abortion clinic are worried about driver safety in the area and want a no parking sign outside the clinic? Sickening.

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