Saint Mary’s College rescinds invitation to Planned Parenthood honoree

Feminist author Jean Kilbourne complains that her invitation to speak at the commencement ceremony of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, was rescinded by the Catholic college upon learning that she had been honored by Planned Parenthood with their “leadership award.” Kudos to Saint Mary’s!
In the Boston Globe, Kilbourne says she finds the rescinded invitation “chilling”—but apparently not so the organization which kills thousands of unborn babies every day.

Notre Dame to honor ‘dissenting priest’ with Laetare Medal

The University of Notre Dame, which honored pro-abortion Joe Biden with the Laetare Medal last year, announced plans to award dissident Father F. Gregory J. Boyles with the Catholic award, reports The Sycamore Trust, an organization committed to enhancing Notre Dame’s Catholic identity.
The Trust says Father Boyle has done “admirable work in Los Angeles with men and women who have been in prison and with gangs, but he has also repudiated the Church’s teaching on gay marriage as contrary to God’s will and has ridiculed the Church’s bar to ordination of women and its withholding of Communion from Catholics married outside the Church.”

California’s ‘anti-discrimination’ bill would discriminate against Catholics

California bishops are standing in opposition to a so-called “anti-discrimination” bill that would prohibit organizations including Catholic schools from firing workers for having an abortion, in vitro fertilization, or giving birth to a child out of wedlock. The bishops say it would violate the First Amendment freedom to exercise religion and prevent Catholic schools from requiring employees to act in accordance with the tenets of the faith.
David French of National Review calls the bill “flatly unconstitutional” but says that California’s Ninth Circuit Court is not necessarily tethered to the Constitution in its decisions. He, therefore, stressed the importance of defeating the bill before it’s passed. “It’s always better to defeat bills in committee rather than test them in court,” he writes.

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