Dems gonna’ Dem.

Death eaters gonna’ death eat. Or something.

So here’s the deal. Some dude is running as a Democrat for mayor of Omaha (which is in Nebraska though I’m sure you knew that. ((I totally did too.))) He’s a Catholic pro-life Democrat. But unlike so many other Democrats he’s actually got a chance to win office. I know, right? Can you believe it? A Democrat moderating his views on touchy subjects like killing small people in order to win.

But you see, to the people in charge of the party, adherence to the view that killing small humans is perfectly awesomely awesome is actually more important than winning elections. Submit or be purged!

So in this corner you have the Democrat Heath Mello who is literally described by the Associated Press “a pragmatic, next-generation leader who could win in the Nebraska heartland.” Mind you, that’s not someone saying it and the AP reporting it. That’s their description. But never mind that. They also say correctly that “his anti-abortion stance has become a flashpoint for the national party.”

Insert into this the new party chairman who needs some wins if he wants to keep his job but needs to please the death eaters or else lose his job. Hence, the cowardly back and forth.

Top Democrats had planned a stop in Omaha at a rally for Mello, but abortion rights groups were outraged. National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League President Ilyse Hogue called the DNC’s promotion of Mello “not only disappointing, it is politically stupid.”

Caught off-guard, Perez reversed himself, saying “every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices,” and called on Democrats to speak with “one voice.”

They didn’t.

At the April 20 rally in Omaha, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who sought the Democratic presidential nomination last year, endorsed Mello, telling thousands, “Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to change one-party rule in Nebraska. And we can start right here by electing Heath Mello as the next mayor.”

Perez, who had been scheduled to attend, instead campaigned for a Georgia candidate. The party chairman’s actions angered several moderate Democrats and frustrated others as the party struggles for relevance. In the last decade, Democrats have lost about 1,000 elected posts from the White House to Congress to the 50 statehouses, a power deficit the party has not seen nationally in 90 years.
In Nebraska, where Republicans control every congressional and statewide office, Democrats don’t have the luxury of being choosy, Mello supporter Abbie Raikes said.

Perex is in a bit of tough spot. He must please the death fetishists but also appeal to sane people. Hmmm. What to do? He hasn’t figured it out yet. I think the only thing that can save them is more insane death fetishists to join their ranks. But the only way something crazy like that could happen is if they got control of the media, the schools, and colleges, while there was a massive exodus of young people from churches.

And something that crazy could never happen, right?

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