The NCAA and ESPN want…no, they demand that North Carolina allows men to use women’s bathrooms because they’re all progressive and wonderful and stuff. OK, so what about women’s sports? Why are they ignored?

Think Progress, a very very liberal website, says:

Women’s sports have never been more popular — everywhere except on television, that is. Both the quality and quantity of women’s sports coverage is far eclipsed by that of men’s sports and in some respects has actually worsened over time, according to the latest iteration of a 25-year longitudinal study of gender in televised sports news and highlights shows.

SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship program, dedicated just 2 percent of its airtime to women’s sports in 2014, according to the report — a figure that has remained flat since 1999. In addition to SportsCenter, researchers examined the sports news and highlights on three local Los Angeles network affiliates and the results were just as dismal: Just 3.2 percent of airtime went to women’s sports, down from 1999 and 2004 levels but a slight improvement over 2009’s 1.6 percent.

These folks want to legislate and bully everyone else. I say, why not hang them on their own petard? If the NCAA is committed to equality, why not make part of the package they sell to ESPN, a contract that requires ESPN to televise women’s sports 50 percent of the time? Why not? Because that would cost them money. That’s why. You see, progressivism is fine for you but not for them. Not if it costs them.

Only you.