Uhm. Yeah, we know.

Cecile Richards, the capo of the Aborto family, swore a blood oath (not her own blood, silly) to never ever give up abortion.

Elle Mag:

Cecile Richards was the final honoree of the morning, and she began by thanking not just the 1 in 5 women who have used Planned Parenthood, but the “thousands of clinicians and escorts and doctors and staff who got up this morning and walked through picket lines all across this country to provide health care to women in America, including safe and legal abortion. And we will never give that up.”

Now, let me set the scene for you. She’s being honored by some ridiculous organization. And that line. Yes, that line passes for an applause line. Think about that. The promise to continue killing the unborn makes these folks get out of their seats and applaud.

I’ll admit that any time I read about something like this or see it on YouTube, I wonder if there’s just one person in that room, just one, who allows the reality of what’s being cheered and applauded sink in and they slink out the service entrance in horror. I mean, how could you not?

We know Cecile will never give up abortion. She’s kinda’ made it clear that she doesn’t give a hoot about women’s health. All she cares about is trading money for dead babies. That’s all. Let’s face it, she knows that if she accepted Trump’s deal to continue funding Planned Parenthood if she gave up abortion it would ruin her and Planned Parenthood’ place at the center of all things holy in the liberal mindset. She would no longer be honored. And she knows that Planned Parenthood’s main source of income is abortion and that if they gave that up they’d disappear. But instead of just admitting that, she pretends like they’re taking some kind of noble stand.

Sickening. I really hope someone snuck out the service entrance. Just one person.