The headline says, “Sweden Releases ‘Sex Guidebook’ to Teach Young Migrants Not to Rape.”

Hmmm. Say, isn’t Sweden just trying to impose its values on these poor immigrants? But if they’re serious about this, they may want to start with handing out the Ten Commandments. #justanidea


The Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs has announced a new programme to combat increased sex attacks committed by newly arrived migrants by releasing a ‘sex guidebook’ to teach them basic sex education and that women are allowed to say no.
The guidebook, entitled “Youmo In Practice”, is designed to help adults who work with newly arrived young migrants to talk with them on subjects of sex, health, and gender issues, Metro reports.
The guide will also show adults how to approach the subject of consent in an effort to combat a surge in sex attacks involving young migrants.

Lena Nyberg, director general of the Youth and Civil Affairs Authority, said: “We have seen a great need for young people to get more knowledge and a great need among the adults to get help and support in how to talk about these issues.”

Nyberg said that it was a difficult subject to tackle because migrants can come from vastly different cultures but noted that they should still be made aware of the laws and what is expected of them in Sweden. “One of many parts is to argue with young girls and boys about what one can and can not do,” she said.

Seems to me now that the guidebook is out from the government, problem solved, right? I mean, what more can be done, right? Don’t worry, the government is on the case.

You know, Sweden, I’m not saying this is an easy problem to fix but this is a very easy problem to fix. Here’s my three step plan:

1. Have babies! I know you might have forgotten how but it’s actually quite fun. You won’t need a guidebook. But have babies so you won’t need so many immigrants coming in to work to sustain your socialist utopia.

2. Stop bringing in mass numbers of immigrants to sustain your socialist utopia.

3. See step one.

One of the weird things I’ve noticed about socialism is that it could actually work for a while (just for a while) as long as you remember to have babies but almost every socialist state has a birth dearth. I mean, what is it about mortgaging your country’s future to provide for your own comfortable present that makes people not want to people the world?