I love the website Newsbusters because I imagine rows of cubicles of people sitting around watching television and their boss yelling at them to watch more tv. But I also like it because it saves me from having to watch this dreck. (Is that how you spell “dreck? Wait, now I’m actually wondering if it’s even a word or just something my mother used to say.)

Anyway, Newsbusters reports:

NBC’s Midnight, Texas is back on the list for yet another religious slam. This time a human priest faces possibly the most violent and gruesome death of the series so far. And right next to his church. 

The September 11th episode “Last Temptation of Midnight” opens with a faceless creature worshipping a demon by a cross. Already a bad start, the scene continues with a priest walking over to the figure which, of course, leads to his inevitable but predictable demise. Here, the episode already takes a bloody twist with the demon cutting the priest’s face off so he can wear it as a mask.

I think there’s a silver lining here though. The good news is that at least the killing of the priest is portrayed as a bad thing. That at least is different than most tv shows.

Actually, in most tv shows, the priest would be the one ripping people’s faces off and chaining them to a furnace in the sacristy. So, at least there’s that. See, and you thought I was a glass half empty guy.

*subhead*Good news.*subhead*