The problem with those who say they’d go back in time to kill Hitler as a baby is that everyone eventually begins to look like baby Hitler.

And that’s what we’re facing now. Before us, we see a generation that believes in the existence of evil but not in objective good. The result of this is that they see evil everywhere and are completely blind to good.

So, earlier this week a story was published about how Antifa now has a “hit list” of sorts to find all those evil baby Hitlers.

Hot Air:

In this case, “hit list” is not a metaphor. This is the list of people Antifa members plan to hit and injure if they encounter them. Reveal reporter Will Carless spoke to one of the “most militant” members of the Bay Area Antifa, a guy called Dominic who sees himself as a “Nazi hunter.” Dominic is ready to take his street battle into his target’s homes if necessary:

One antifa activist, who would give only the name “Dominic,” talked proudly in a series of interviews with Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting about forming this broader alliance of “Nazi hunters” to seek out, reveal and fight these enemies wherever they might show up. Their goal became even more specific after Charlottesville: to prevent more casualties like that of activist Heather Heyer.

“We’ll go to their house, I’ll put it that way. We’ll go to their house,” said Dominic, an imposing, muscular man in his 30s. “I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I want those people to stop it. If I have to put Richard Spencer or Nathan Damigo into the hospital critically, and it would have saved Heather Heyer’s life or the next potential Heather Heyer, I would do it without question.”
Dominic’s targets don’t have to be actual Nazis, white supremacists or extremists. As the story points out, sometimes anyone on the right will do:

And that’s the thing that drives me a bit crazy. I see many Christians siding with antifa and their tactics because they’re on the right side. The thing they don’t realize is that to many in the antifa movement, all Christians are baby Hitler. They’re coming for you next.