That CBS lawyer who wrote that she had no sympathy at all for the victims of the Las Vegas shooter. I, at first, was stunned that someone who was obviously smart would write something so obviously dumb, never mind evil. Why would she write it, I wondered.

Neo-neocon writes:

But whatever happens, I would wager that what prompted Geftman-Golds to feel quite safe in expressing her sentiments is the fact that she most likely lives in a liberal bubble that has allowed and even at times encouraged such thoughts. I’ve lived in liberal bubbles, and I still operate in smaller liberal bubbles at times, and although I’ve never personally heard anything quite approaching the viciousness of Geftman-Golds’ remarks, I hear plenty of hatred and contempt expressed for Republicans in general.

It’s pretty standard, and after a while it becomes a sort of expected background noise to those who frequent such circles continually, and whatever shock value it might have had (if it had any in the first place) probably starts wearing off. If everyone considers expressions of hatred for members of a political party standard and worth hardly a yawn, after a while those expressions might start to escalate.

I am almost certain that, were she asked to explain herself—and if she were to give an honest answer—Geftman-Golds would say that she was right to say what she said because after all she was only defending children from being killed by firearms, and Republicans think it’s just hunky-dory if children are slaughtered in that way as long as the Republicans can keep their precious guns. Something like that. Despite being a lawyer, I doubt she has any true understanding of the Second Amendment, what it means and why it is important to defend. And I very much doubt she hobnobs with any Republicans or country music aficionados, so she felt quite free to demonize them.

In sum, I believe it’s likely that Geftman-Golds felt philosophically safe inside her bubble, and didn’t even think her remarks would be especially controversial or objectionable.

And we wonder why antifa violence is ignored. We wonder why violence against Christians is overlooked. It’s because we, according to some, are on the wrong side of history. And the wrong side of history needs to be erased.