This says it all. An abortionist says that the importance of making money trumps all that women’s rights b.s.

The Washington Post:

Now at 50, Stave is finally calling it quits. Last month, he agreed to sell the Germantown clinic — one of only a few in the country that offer late-term abortions — to the Maryland Coalition for Life, the anti-abortion group that opened a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot and staged frequent protests outside his door.

The coalition won’t get any physical part of the practice — no instruments, furniture, medical records, nor any kind of patient data or any other asset, Stave said. They simply bought its closure.

“They’re going to claim victory,” said Stave in his first interview about the decision to sell the clinic for an undisclosed amount.

But slow your roll, abortion rights opponents. It’s more complicated than caving to pressure.

Yes, Stave is relieved that his family will be free after decades of harassment, but the decision was also driven by the declining demand for abortion and the soaring cost of security.

Though Stave vehemently supports a woman’s right to choose and felt conflicted about selling the clinic, “it’s still a business,” he said. “And a business has to make money.”

It’s all about the benjamins. We’ve always known that to be true. It’s good to see the Washington Post reporting the truth for a change.