I have come to believe that Catholics must engage the culture by telling our stories. For too long, we’ve allowed secularists the full field and our culture has paid a terrible price. We must tell our stories. We must tell stories of love, grace, and forgiveness, not simply to counter the culture but to express our worldview that God created the world as an act of love. And that doesn’t mean, simply feel-good stories about pastoral virginal romances but real, messy life touched by grace. 

This is my attempt. I wrote it to move your heart and stir your soul. It’s on Amazon.


Every once in a while, a book will keep you up until 3:30 am. I am experiencing sleep deprivation because this book was so interesting and I actually cared about the characters. The author has captured the “world” and gives arguments from both sides of the aisles. The decision one has to make is which side will you choose? Excellent, refreshing, humorous, frightening and real book. 5 stars.” – David Vacharesse, former General Manager of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Networks.

“American Antigone has it all, but of all the twists and turns, the one thing that makes this story so special is what the reader will experience. This book will help the reader see how love is at the heart of a life lived for others.  American Antigone deserves to be read, maybe reread, and contemplated at length.” –  Judie Brown, President of the American Life League.

My 13 year old just read my pro life book “American Antigone” and said “Dad, you actually wrote a great book!”

Best review so far.