After the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?” to which Franklin famously replied, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it!” 
Since then, it’s been up to us. Let’s just say it hasn’t been going all that well as of late.
The Supreme Court, with the willing submission by Congress which is dreadfully afraid of divisive issues, has amassed a great deal of power. Once elected officials realized they do quite well for themselves they want to stay elected officials. It’s profitable and cushy. So they don’t want to deal with issues that might get them unelected. It’s pretty basic. Selfishness 101. Read the Bible. It’s full of stories just like it.
But let’s get back to modern times. When the issue of abortion came to the fore in the early 1970’s, Congress critters were more than happy to have those with a lifetime appointment make the difficult decision that would piss many people off. Same with gay marriage more recently. Why should those people whose livelihoods depends on pleasing people make decisions that may piss people off. 
Turns out that the Supreme Court liked the power ceded to them. And they got real good at it. In fact, they got so good not only at lawmaking but rights creation. Before this change, our rights were derived from God, our Creator, but now the Supreme Court has rebranded itself into the God business of granting new rights. They’re not really good at it yet and there’s all sorts of negative consequences but that hasn’t seemed to slow down production. 
But five decades ago, the US Supreme Court removed the power to decide the most important issue in the country out of the hands of the people and secured it firmly in their own grasp. From that moment on, the Democrats figured out that they no longer had to legislate on divisive issues. They could simply punt to the Supreme Court. Look at gay marriage. The left lost just about every statewide referendum. So what did they do? They made an end run around the people. They took it to the high court which did what they do. The invented a right and overruled the people.
It took a while for conservatives to understand what they were up against but we finally did. We might not be quick on the uptake but we try not to get taken down the same way twice.
We focused our stratagems directly on the court. There were some slip-ups, mind you. There were some major slip-ups.  
But here we are. A 5-4 majority. The promised land. The media can say that it’s a 6-3 majority but we know better. #roberts
Amy Coney Barrett, however, is an originalist and reportedly does not believe in what they call a “living, breathing Constitution” where new intentions can be found lurking under the words of the Constitution by conjuring its spirit.
Amy Coney Barrett getting on to the Supreme Court is a major victory for those who seek to limit the power of the judiciary. Conservatives have been working towards this for the past three decades. Tirelessly. Our efforts have been focused on the issue of abortion but it goes beyond that. Does the Supreme Court have the right to make law, to grant rights, unforeseen by our founding fathers? That is the real question.
Pro-lifers have worked tirelessly for decades to get enough justices on the court just to overturn Roe and put the issue back to the states where the people can have a say again. That’s all we’re seeking. We want a voice.
But Joe Biden still refuses to answer the question over whether he’d pack the court. I speak politics. That means he will. The court is like a favorite running back for Democrats. It’s like when the Seattle Seahawks were just a yard and a half away from winning the Super Bowl and all they had to do was hand it to Marshawn Lynch. Beast Mode. The guy was an automatic three yards. But…they didn’t. They tried something else. It didn’t work. Head coach Pete Carroll will never live it down. 
Democrats just want to hand it off. Easy peasy. No use trying to run a complicated pass play, right? So, with Amy Coney Barrett now confirmed, if the Democrats want to continue doing what they’ve been doing they will add at least two justices to the court and negate the decades of work that conservatives have put in. This is Linus pulling the football on a national scale…with a body count.
The Democrats are telling us that no matter what we do, we will not have a voice in this country. That is scary. You know what happens when you relegate a large swath of the population to audience status, when you inform them in no uncertain terms that they no longer have a say in what’s up?
It’s supposed to be “we the people” but it’s devolved into us vs. them. It didn’t need to be this way. But it is this way. If Joe Biden wins, the only question is what do we do about it. What do we do with the knowledge that no matter what we do to protect life, to establish that rights come only from our Creator, it will come to nothing.
They will merely silence us again.
If Joe Biden wins, the left wins. We will be silenced. Our voices will be lost. Lives will be lost. And then what? Seriously. And then what? 
I ask myself this a lot. I don’t like the answers. To be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of hope left. But I’ve got prayer. And that’s something. That’s a heck of a something.