Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color. Learn more and apply now: https://t.co/VbOFvFOksB pic.twitter.com/r0ScH6MQAJ— United Airlines (@united) April 6, 2021

Maybe it’s just me but I would so much rather if the airlines said that safety was their top priority and always hired the most qualified person for the job no matter what. Maybe that’s just me.

And hey, I thought gender was just a social construct. I wonder if they’ll ask for identification to see if the person applying for a job is a woman or a man.

Seriously, if you heard a hospital held “diversity” as its top priority, would you go there?

This is the ultimate in “You had one job.” Keep your planes in the air and get people to their destination alive. That’s hard enough. Don’t give yourself other hoops to jump through.