Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio says Facebook and YouTube both temporarily banned a video the church posted on Easter weekend showing the crucifixion.

Gimme a break.

The church said the tech giants Facebook and YouTube temporarily blocked an Easter video showing reenactments of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The church claims the platforms flagged the videos for violence in a post on its website.

“We had to make a few small tweaks to our online Easter service to use the video in the way we hoped on some social media channels,” Kyle Ranson, Crossroads online church community pastor, said in a written statement.

On its website, the church said the social media companies sent “rejection notices” Thursday night over an appearance of profiting from a tragic event with no clear benefit to users.

Violence with no clear benefit to users? Hahahahahahahaa. Maybe they meant no clear benefit to the elite braintrust that deletes videos about Jesus.

Good for the church to push back on this and publicizing what was done. Drag these people into the light.