Thank goodness we get to hear Dr. Anthony Fauci speak. Because we haven’t heard enough from him already, right?

And if ever I want to hear the incoherent ill-thought out ramblings of Chelsea Clinton I’ll just go to her Twitter page. I don’t ever plan too.

This conference seems like something created by a New age member of the United Nations. I see little here that even seems remotely Catholic.

The home page for the conference doesn’t mention Jesus. It’s stated mission is:

Our mission is to improve human health and wellbeing by encouraging and promoting innovation, new partnerships and advancing greater public awareness of the power of prevention and preparedness. We will explore the relationship between the mind, body and soul and the anthropological and cultural dimensions of being human.

My goodness, it sounds like a Human Resources department vomited up a word salad.

In fact, the image for the conference cuts out God entirely and replaces His hand with the hand of a doctor.

Just think about that for a moment. Science replacing God? And this is the Vatican?!!!

I literally looked all around the website for one mention of “Jesus” who I’m pretty sure plays a pretty integral role in Christianity and I couldn’t find one mention. Now, there might be one somewhere but Jesus certainly isn’t at the forefront of what the Vatican is doing here.

I’m not sure how this differs all that much from a United Nations conference.

The question is, if Jesus is not the priority at the Vatican, what is?