Of course, it does include references to climate change and racial justice. But God didn’t make the cut on the National Day of Prayer proclamation. Editing room floor, I guess.

This story isn’t even about Joe Biden. I don’t think our president even saw this proclamation, never mind had a hand in crafting it. Biden is the sad and confused face of a morally bankrupt left lurching administration. Leaving God out of the proclamation is the responsibility of the people running the White House. The people who we don’t even know.

Think about that for a moment. This is America and we don’t even know who’s running our government. But one thing I think we can say for sure is they’re not fans of God. The absence of God was intentional.


President Biden has issued a National Day of Prayer proclamation in which the word “God” does not appear once.

“I invite the citizens of our Nation to give thanks, in accordance with their own faiths and consciences, for our many freedoms and blessings, and I join all people of faith in prayers for spiritual guidance, mercy, and protection,” Biden says in the proclamation.

Hilariously, they tried to sneak in a mention of “the Lord” without really referring to God by mentioning the date as “the year of our Lord…”

David Brody, host of The Water Cooler said, “How do you release a proclamation about prayer and not mention God at all?”

Fair question. I wish we had a president who could answer such questions.