If you’re offended by the dehumanization of some but not others, you’re not loving, you’re simply weaponizing indifference.

When we choose who deserves life, liberty, or human rights on some basis other than the fact they were created by God what we’re really deciding is who is worthy of being called human?

We are a country torn apart. Maybe irretrievably. It is not political advocacy that’s tearing our country apart but the fact that we no longer share any common underlying beliefs and we can no longer argue because we don’t agree on anything. We don’t even have the words to make ourselves intelligible to one another. We don’t agree on the terms “human, life, gender, or marriage” anymore.

That bond was Christianity. As a country we are decrying and denying our own history when we pretend that Christianity is not the bedrock of our country.

Christianity is our only hope.

Christ doesn’t need America but America needs Christ.