Can we just for a moment acknowledge how insanely rabid feminists would be…if they were actually, y’know, fighting for women.

Allison Williams, who has worked for ESPN for a decade, said that she had to quit the network because they were mandating the vaccine which she refused because she is trying to conceive a child and believed it would pose a danger to her unborn child.

“While my work is incredibly important to me, the most important role I have is as a mother,” she wrote in a statement on Twitter. “Throughout our family planning with our doctor, as well as a fertility specialist, I have decided not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at this time while my husband and I try for a second child.

“This was a deeply difficult decision to make and it’s not something I take lightly. I understand vaccines have been essential in the effort to end this pandemic; however, taking the vaccine at this time is not in my best interest. After a lot of prayer and deliberation, I have decided I must put my family and personal health first. I will miss being on the sidelines and am thankful for the support of my ESPN family. I look forward to when I can return to the games and job that I love.”

Think about this a moment. A woman had to choose between her work and being a mother and the feminists are quiet over this? This would seem to be a cause tailor made for them, right? Except feminists don’t like children and they love the vaccine mandates of the Democrat Party. But other than that…

Once again, politics trumps women’s rights.

Now, if she argued that the vaccine could interfere with her sex change hormones, I think the feminists would be on her side.