A 25-year-old named Chidiebere Ibe, a medical student at Kyiv Medical University, drew an image of a pregnant Black woman’s womb. I guess the vast majority of medical diagrams are white people because Ibe’s illustration went viral and sparked an outpouring of support from social media users and has amassed over 95,000 likes on Instagram.

“The whole purpose was to keep talking about what I’m passionate about –– equity in healthcare — and also to show the beauty of Black people,” Ibe told the HuffPost UK. “We don’t only need more representation like this — we need more people willing to create representation like this.”

Agreed. I’m all on board with showing every color in the spectrum in every medical textbook there is. Oh, and look there’s a human being inside that woman.

I’m all for recognizing humanity whatever color they are and wherever they are.