So, in olden days Ebenezer Scrooge was viewed as a terrible awful ogre of a man who transforms into genuinely good man eager to do good by his fellow man. I’m wondering if it plays the same to modern audiences.

Scrooge in the beginning of the tale is a man who yells about overpopulation which puts him in good standing with the progressives today.

“If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

When asked to give to charity he points to government programs that are already doing this. A progressive through and through! He is a person who doesn’t believe in celebrating Christmas at all. He despises it and calls it “humbug!” I would think he’d be celebrated by the left!!!

I’m wondering if there are some (or many) who would view Scrooge’s transformation by the end of the story that inspires him to wish all around him a Merry Christmas as not a necessarily good thing. Wouldnt it be more appropriate for him to wish people happy holidays? Forcing his religious observance on others!! Dickens even mentions that Scrooge goes to Church! Oh my. This is getting…problematic.

My heart shutters to think what they’d make of Tiny Tim asking for God’s blessings for everyone.