Nothing stirs the religious passions like talk of “accompaniment” and “inclusivity,” am I right? That’s what you might think if you were reading the USCCB’s Twitter account yesterday. Here’s what they tweeted:

A list of buzzwords? Come on. We’re Catholics. We have some of the coolest words ever to be uttered. Words like aspergillum, which sounds like a dangerous fungus but is actually a vessel used for sprinkling holy water during special blessings.

TransubstantiationGraceForgivenessLoveSinRedemption? Any of these words ringing a bell? These aren’t just awesome words. They are profound truths that stir the soul and elevate us.

If only there were a big book that the bishops had access to that was filled with wisdom and truth in quotable packaging.

But they opted to go a different way. Clearly.

Let’s just say the responses on Twitter weren’t exactly glowing. Actress Patricia Heaton led the way:

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