The fact that you can barely make out what the kids are saying because they’re masked is fitting, isn’t it?

I watch things like this and I can’t help but wonder how are we losing to these people? How is the left winning? How have they won over Big Media, Big Tech, academia, the education system, Hollywood, Corporations? They’ve won.

And if you resist you are cancelled or called a Russian agent. No, seriously. You will be called a Russian agent. In fact, there have been several mentions in the media that the “Freedom Convoy” going across Canada right now is being covertly supported by none other than Vladimir Putin. So if you take part or support freedom you’re probably an agent of Putin.

My Dad would sometimes say. “The guy who’s more ruthless will eventually win the fight so don’t get into a fight with someone more ruthless than you.”

There’s truth to that. If you will only fight by the rules against someone who will not fight by the rules, who will typically win? The guy who brings the pipe to the fistfight.

The way to victory for sane normal people is to refuse to enter into their cage match. That fight is fixed. We are the Washington Generals. We can’t win.

We must set up a parallel world. Don’t play their game.

We have to stop buying their products. We have to stop ingesting their media.

And schools? Homeschool or Catholic schools. And by that I mean actual Catholic schools. Not the public schools with crosses on the walls. I mean faithful Catholic schools that put Christ at the center of what they do.

Your kids will eventually worship God or the school board/state.

In the end, God gave us free will. Others think that was a mistake. I’ll trust God on this one.

I’ll also take this kid over the brainwashed ones thanking the school board.