Talk about self-serving. Hey, you know what you mom really wants for Mother’s Day. Nah, not flowers or cards. She needs a Senator that supports killing children…like ME!!!! This is Senator Tammy Duckworth twisting a day where children celebrate their mothers into a day where we cheer on the killing of the unborn and giving money to politicians.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer somehow believes Mother’s Day is “Choice Day” or something. I never seem to understand what she’s saying.

This is some Democrat politician running for Congress at a pro-choice rally with his Mom for Mother’s Day. Come on now, he doesn’t look like he llves in her basement and has a problematic relationship with his step-Dad. That’s all your own imaginings. Come on now. Grow up!

Jessica Valenti is a feminist author wrote that “Most women who get abortions are moms trying to make the best choice for their kids.” That is the most horrific thought ever.

Nancy Pelosi took a break from appletinis for a few hours to appear on the Sunday morning shows on Mother’s Day to slur and mumble that it’s ‘Disrespectful’ To Not Allow Women To Have Abortions.

Man, what happened to Mother’s Day? It was a made up holiday but one where the kids cleaned a few dishes and actually asked Mom what she might like for dinner. Now, it’s a political event where we conflate the murder of children with the mothering of children and pretend that these are choices of equal worth. They’re not. One comes from love, the other indifference.

One is aligned with God’s will, the other shuns God and His creation.