Pontius Pilate infamously asked “what is truth?” This is the same question being asked now. Actually no. The left isn’t asking anymore. They are now enforcing a truth-less universe.

“There is no truth” is their first commandment. Or maybe the one right after, “We get to kill unborn babies” which also seems pretty important to them.

Here, conservative activist Matt Walsh is talking to some weird blue haired intellectual about “What is a Woman?” It’s fun to point and laugh at the seemingly silly asides this woman is making that have nothing to do with the very pointed questions Matt Walsh is asking. I point and laugh all the time. If someone falls on ice I’m the first to point and laugh, unless they’re like 80 years old and then I don’t because that would be cruel. But if you’re under 80, the high pitched snickering you hear when you fall is probably mine.

But here, there is no misunderstanding. They’re literally speaking different languages. There’s no chance of reaching truth because one side doesn’t value truth. By that, I don’t mean to say she’s lying. She just doesn’t even believe in truth or she believes is so many truths that just waters the definition down to nothingness.

The only truism for leftists is that there is no truth. That is the truth that must be enforced. Viciously if necessary by cancellation, fine, or imprisonment.

The great irony of Pilate is that he asks that question but isn’t looking for an answer but standing before him was Jesus, who literally is the Truth.

The left knows its worldview is incompatible with Christianity. That is why they have very clearly made it their focus to eradicate Christianity from the public sphere. It’s Christians who are seeking a middle ground, some way of accomodating the woke world view with Christianity. There isn’t one. There is only submission or standing up for truth. That’s it.

Pray for the courage to stand.