This really pisses off the leftists who want to indoctrinate your children and the teacher’s unions. (Wait, am I being redundant here?)

The Arizona Legislature voted last week to approve the school voucher program, which expands the program to all K-12 students in the state. The voucher program or empowerment scholarship accounts, originally began about 10 years ago to help students with special needs enroll in the right schools, according to KGUN9 News.

Superintendent of Pima County Schools Dustin Williams said now any student in Arizona can apply and use the money to go to private or charter schools.

Imagine that! Allowing parents to decide where their children go to school and not allowing administrators to dictate what your children learn.

Hey, if you’re some nut job who wants to send your kid to drag queen library, feel free. But something tells me that most of the parents will not choose schools that prioritize woke indoctrination.

Catholic schools need to stand out as an alternative right now, a non-woke alternative. With the recent Supreme Court ruling against banning public money from going through parents to religious schools, parents can absolutely choose a Catholic school. Just be Catholic!

Of course, lefties are all up in arms and railing against this turn of events. Here’s my rule, when you see angry leftists you know you’re doing something right.