I have been told by numerous people that we shouldn’t be celebrating the overturning of Roe because now is the time when we need to bring people together.

And you know me, I’m ALL about bringing people together.

So here’s a nice post. I saw this on Tic-Tok. It just shows that everyone is just a moment away from becoming pro-life. So what I’m really saying is we shouldn’t spike the ball on the overturning of Roe like I did yesterday and the days before that. Maybe I got a bit carried away.

So here’s a nice grandmother talking about her journey from being an abortionist to being pro-life.

That’s nice, right? That was totally bad by me spiking the football with all those memes and jokes about the overturning of Roe. But now I’m all sobered up, I found my keys, and drove home and I’m back to being a non-spiking Christian.

Y’know but maybe, just maybe there are some pro-aborts who can be reached through vicious sarcasm. I mean, maybe they’re out there and just need a little sarcasm to wake them up. So, just to be clear, this is not me backsliding into sarcasm. This is me reaching out to the sarcastic crowd to bring us all together.

OK. That’s the last spiking the football. For reals guys! After this one, I’m totally done:

OK. That last one was over the top. I’ll admit. This is going to be a personal journey for me. Please join me. This will eventually be a place of healing and reconciliation. Right after I’m done making fun of them.