People are fleeing California. It is rapidly becoming a wasteland.

Governor Gavin Newsom has a plan.

Reform the tax structure to make it easier for businesses to open and thrive? Nah.

Punish people for their crimes rather than releasing them back onto the streets? Nah.

Instead he wants to make California the abortion capitol of the country. Increase tourism through facilitating death to the unborn? Perfect!

Yahoo: Newsom has asked for an extra $125 million to help California abortion clinics prepare for a surge in out-of-state patients. Already, 16.5% of all U.S. abortions are administered in California, and a recent UCLA report estimates that an additional 10,600 people — mostly from Arizona and Texas — will travel to California each year for abortion care now that Roe is gone.

To that end, a state budget deal announced Sunday night includes $20 million for clinicians who commit to providing reproductive health care services, along with $21 million for existing workforce programs and $20 million for recruitment and retention at clinics. Other bills would create state-administered funds to help patients who can’t afford an abortion — possibly including travel and lodging — and clinics that provide uncompensated care to patients who lack reproductive coverage.

So he’s going to throw taxpayer money at abortion clinics and abortionists and setting up a tourist trade for women seeking abortion. This is the opposite of the Underground Railroad.

This road leads to dehumanization and death. But it might be the most fiscally intelligent decision California has made in decades. Morally abhorrent but maybe lucrative.