They plead for tolerance until they gain the upper hand. Then they demand submission.

Todd Starnes:

Dr. Andrew Fox had been the lead chaplain for the fire department in Austin, Texas for eight years.

But the volunteer chaplain was fired after writing a blog post about how men should not compete on women’s athletic teams. His personal opinion had offended LGBT firefighters. Chaplain Fox was given the opportunity to recant his personal beliefs and apologize to the gay community.

He explained that his intent was to foster discussion, not cause offense, and apologized if anyone was offended. But his apology wasn’t good enough for Austin city officials who demanded total compliance with their political ideology, and they forced Dr. Fox to turn in his uniform.

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the chaplain. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit — alleging that his First Amendment rights have been violated.

“Everyone should be able to speak freely without fear of the government coming after you just because you expressed a view they disagree with,” said ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert. “Dr. Fox served Austin’s fire department—without pay—for eight years with excellence and integrity, treating everyone equally, including those in the LGBT community.”

But that’s not enough when it comes to the radicals within the gay community.

“No matter your personal view on whether men should be allowed to compete on women’s sports teams, it should deeply concern every American that the government can fire someone for expressing it,” Bangert said.

The lawsuit points out that “no one ever accused him of discriminating against anyone or treating anyone improperly.”

To the contrary, Austin city leaders lauded him for his integrity and service.

“Dr. Fox consistently shared his religious and philosophical reflections online for years without any problem. It was only when Dr. Fox expressed a particular set of views that officials disliked that the City extinguished Dr. Fox’s career,” the lawsuit states. “Americans cannot learn to respect each other’s differences when they face career-crushing consequences anytime their personal beliefs, expressed openly on their own time outside of work, contradict the ideological commitments of some HR officials.”

Tucked away inside the lawsuit is a story that truly defines the hate and contempt that the radical gay activists have for the Christian community.”

Kudos to this chaplain for hitting back. Make them pay. That is the answer. Stop being nice. Be good instead. Be a champion for goodness and the truth. We are called to love. We are not called to meekly submit to the fads of the day. We are not speed bumps. We are children of God. Let’s act like it.