OK folks, here we go for Happy Hour. Today is my 25th anniversary. AND my wife was said to be cancer free very recently after a yearlong hellish campaign against this dreadful disease.

So, in short…nothing gonna’ bring me down today. We’re heading out to an Iron Pigs baseball game today for our anniversary. (Wife’s choice, don’t yell at me. We got kinda’ lucky because MVP Bryce Harper is rehabbing and will play for the Pigs today.)

So here we go.

Aw heck, make it their problem, amirite?

My brother wrote this little the other day. It’s amazing what he comes up with sometimes…given his limited intellectual capabilities.

When “science” finally puts away its childish hubris and makes a genuine effort to understand how the universe really works, they will find the God of the bible waiting for them. “And God said: Be light made. And light was made.”

Mostly I put fun stuff on the Happy Hour but for this I’ll make a tiny exception, even though I said nothing can bring me down. This is from Michael Matt from the Remnant. So if you’re a cry in your beer kinda’ drunk this is perfect for you. But don’t let it bring you down. Make it your battle cry.

I’ll tell a quick story here. My son is 16 now but when he was five his older sisters played volleyball. And it was just far enough away that it made it silly to go all the way back home just to turn around and come back. So there we’d hang out in the bleachers. The two girls who were a little older than him would often take a volleyball and bump it to one another on the sideline. Sometimes, if the coach were in a good mood she’d ask them to join the team.

But the boy and the baby just sat in the bleachers with me. The boy was growing increasingly bored of the bleachers. The thing about little girls volleyball is that nobody knows where the ball is going. It’s like mortar shells from WWI. They put ’em up and nobody has any idea where they’re landing. I always had to keep an eye open for the baby because volleyballs could come at cruising speed at any moment.

One day during practice a ball bounced out of bounds and rolled while a young girl on the team chased it. But to her horror, it rolled into the boys bathroom and she stopped as if the doorframe was a brick wall. She stopped on the edge of the doorway and backed off. This sixth grade girl backed up like she’d almost stepped on a landmine. She looked around confusedly at her teammates. Nobody moved.

There were no boys in the bathroom, we all knew. But it didn’t matter. That area was a no-go zone. Even the coach looked perplexed. Maybe the ball was just gone forever. It had gone into the place where no girl should ever go and that was that.

There was a moment of silence throughout the gym. And then my son stood up and walked down the bleachers. The girls looked upon their five year old hero with growing esteem. He paused for a moment before walking in and then disappeared into the restroom. For a few moments there was nothing. No noise. But then my boy emerged with the ball above his head, holding it like a trophy of a defeated foe.

And the girls all clapped. They applauded and my boy beamed. He actually held his hands up like a champion. It was a great moment.

After that the boy had a mission. He stood guard by the boy’s room and made sure any volleyballs didn’t enter the no-go boy’s bathroom zone.

Sorry for that little story break. Next meme up:

In this confusing time, this seems appropriate:

Here’s the final one. After you read this, get off the internet and spend time with the people you love. Unless I post again, then you can get back on.