This kind of thing happens every few years and stunned movie executives can’t seem to figure out what just happened. And then they panic and say “OK, let’s make a biblical movie to cash in on this wave” and they make some trash like “Noah” and then act shocked that the Christians didn’t come out and see it.

I usually go out to see most Christian movies. I know they’re not great. I’m the one sitting through them. But I still like most of them. But I’ll admit I haven’t done “The Chosen” thing yet. I always intend to but I just haven’t yet. Seems like I might be a bit behind on this trend.

But if you want to know what happened in the latest Kirk Cameron movie, I’m your guy.

World of Reel: A Christian-based TV show stormed the box-office this weekend. No, I’m not kidding. It’s not even a movie. The first two episodes of the third season of “The Chosen” were packaged together as a feature and released in theaters this weekend.

The Angel Studios show, focusing on the life and times of Jesus Christ, started off as a crowdfunded endeavour three years ago, now it’s competing against the big boys at the box-office and embarrassing the big Hollywood titles. The budget for these two episodes is said to be around $2 million.

“The Chosen” is set to make $10 million in its opening weekend. Meanwhile, “She Said” could only muster up $2 million. Both films opened in 2,000 screens nationwide. The Jesus “movie” even made more money that “The Menu” which screened in around 3000 theaters.

Just to put things into perspective, “The Chosen” made more money this weekend than the box-office totals of Oscar contenders “Armageddon Time,” “Till,” Tar” and “The Banshees of Inisherin.”

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