“Arkansas Governor Signs Bill Targeting Trans Children.” That’s the headline from Time Magazine.

Oh my. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Has the governor allowed hunting trans children from helicopters like Sarah Palin did with wild wolves years ago?

No. But that’s what Time Magazine clearly wants you to think. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is malevolently plotting some nefarious plot against trans children like that weird evil dude from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who kidnapped children.

That dude gave me nightmares when I was a kid.

So what actually happened?

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday signed a bill into law that bars transgender people from using school restrooms that do not align with the sex listed on their birth certificate, the latest in a series of GOP-led legislative efforts to restrict LGBTQ rights in schools.

The bill, which cleared the state’s legislature earlier this month, covers restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms and shower rooms. It allows superintendents, teachers and principals to be fined a minimum of $1,000 if they do not comply with the law, which applies to pre-K through 12th grade in public and charter schools. It goes into effect in late summer, Sanders’ office said.

The law requires “multiple occupancy restroom or changing areas,” be used by those of the same sex “as identified on his or her original birth certificate issued at or near the time of his or her birth,” the law says.

OOoooooooooohhhhhh. Well that’s a bit different. So we could just as easily say, “Arkansas Governor Signs Bill Protecting Children from Predators.”

In fact, wouldn’t that be closer to the truth and the intent of the law? But no. They don’t care about truth. The media only cares about spin. How to make half the country look like hate filled bigots so that the Democrat Party can look like the heroes of compassion and tolerance.

But that’s why we’re here. We fixed it for them.