I’m not even sure what a “Christian nationalist” is. I know I’m supposed to be scared of them. I know the FBI says they’re a threat but I don’t know if I am one. It’s like the word “fundamentalist.” What does it really mean?

Glenn Beck is on point on this. Don’t give in to the left’s incitements. They want you to react.

The FBI has already announced they’re investigating faithful Catholics. It’s not exactly a big jump there to the DOJ and the FBI spying on churches throughout the country in order to justify curbing religious freedom.

Beware of POLITICAL WARFARE used by the far-left during this year’s Pride Month, warns James Lindsay, Founder and President of New Discourses. In this clip, Lindsay outlines two, possible ways the LGBTQ movement — especially in June — may be used as a method to target Christians in America…possibly even resulting in government investigations of churches throughout the nation. It’s all about labeling conservatives as dangerous ‘Christian nationalists,’ he explains, and Pride Month may give the left the perfect opportunity to do so.