Your hand basket will no longer be making stops. It is an express…to its final destination. A Christian protester in Pennsylvania was arrested Saturday as he quoted Scripture verses in response to an LGBT “pride” month event.

Damon Atkins was arrested by Reading, Pennsylvania, police officers on June 3 for “criminal disorderly conduct” for preaching against the Reading’s first ever “Pride March and Rally” outside City Hall on Washington Street.

The event included men dressed as sexually exaggerated versions of women and the raising of an LGBT rainbow flag atop the City Hall building.

Atkins, who held up a sign that read “God said go and sin no more” and wore a shirt with a message reading “You must be born again,” stood on the opposite side of the street from pro-LGBT activists and spoke out against the proceedings.

Matthew Wear, a Reading resident who had been preaching across the street for a short time before being told by an officer to cease doing so, began recording the pro-LGBT parade — where he said children were in attendance — and captured the footage of Atkins being arrested in a video posted to YouTube.