When confronted by Christians asking for their children not to be indoctrinated with gay or gender fluid woke madness, the response from the left is simple.

But what happens when Muslims push back on groomers in schools?

This creates the conundrum of conundrums? The left has often sided with Muslims because the left hates Christianity so much. But now the Muslims are questioning where this political ride is taking them. So do they turn on the Muslims to keep siding with LGBT fanatics or do they accept the criticism from the Muslims that maybe they’ve gone too far.

Yeah, not that.

The left eats its own. When mothers stood up bravely against this madness in schools, the left turned on them instantly. The left is women’s champion as long as the women stay in line. Same for the Muslims.

Remember JK Rowling was their darling. Now she’s a TERF. Martina Navratilova was their favorite sports star. Not since she criticized men playing women’s sports.

They eat their own eventually. If you’re comfortable with being eaten last, that’s fine. I’d rather fight it out now.

HT Gateway Pundit.