The left is making its move. They should. It’s the clever and evil thing to do so that’s what they’re doing. Since the overturning of Roe, the left has been pushing statewide ballot initiatives in states and they’ve been winning. BIG.

Yes, us pro-lifers who battled for 50 years to see Roe toppled and brought back to the states are getting our butts kicked at the state level. Michigan, Kansas, Ohio, Vermont, California.

So now, the radical pro-aborts are pushing for nine ballot initiatives in 2024 election. This is make or break time, folks. It’s time to get real. We won the first battle after 50 years but now it’s slipping through our fingers. The left was ready with millions in dark money going where they needed it. And a great deal of that money has ben to pain pro-lifers as radicals.

The left smells victory and will seek to push its advantage by making 2024 the year abortion was decided. They want everyone to get out. Here’s the thing. They know a lot of lefties won’t go out and vote for Biden because they don’t care enough about the guy. But if abortion is on the ballot, they will all come out. That is their wheelhouse.

The fate of the unborn is in our hands.

Breitbart: Left-wing activists across the United States are organizing and rallying to collect signatures for various abortion ballot initiatives ahead of 2024, following a string of similar successes after the fall of Roe v. Wade.

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned Roe, which had invented a federal “right” to abortion in the Constitution, and returned power to individual states and their elected representatives, changing the nature of the struggle between the pro-life movement and the abortion industry. Pro-abortion organizations and activists, backed by the affiliates of large left-wing organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, have stealthily turned to ballot measures in the hopes of shoring up and even growing the abortion complex in the shift from federal to state power.

And so far, their plan is working — every single abortion-related ballot measure since the fall of Roe has been successful. During the 2022 special elections, Kansans rejected a ballot measure that would have established that the state Constitution does not include a right to abortion. During the 2022 midterms, voters in California, Michigan, and Vermont codified abortion into their Constitutions. At the same time, voters in Montana rejected a ballot measure that would have given rights to babies born alive in botched abortions. Voters in Kentucky also rejected an amendment similar to the one in Kansas. On November 7, Ohioans also voted to codify the supposed “right” to abortion in their state Constitutions via Issue 1.

Ballot measures are particularly effective as an offensive weapon because they are basically irreversible: they change a state constitution, take precedence over laws passed by state legislatures, and can only be overturned by another ballot measure.

These measures are propped up by national left-wing organizations with deep pockets, out-of-state dark money groups, and billionaires with eugenicist leanings, oftentimes outspending pro-life organizations by double or triple.