I guess things could be uglier and sadder in our Church. I’m just not sure how.

Of course, this is from media reports but it’s being reported everywhere. And do you doubt Pope Francis would do this? Do you?

It’s almost like Pope Francis is attempting to create a schism in the Church. I’d like to hear how the popesplainers explain this one away.

And say, I would’ve thought the pope’s “enemy” should be someone like…you know who.


Pope Francis is reportedly working to evict Cardinal Raymond Burke from his apartment in Rome and remove his salary, according to Vatican sources cited in a new report.

Published in three languages on November 27, the New Daily Compass (NDC) reported that Pope Francis had announced his intention to evict the prominent American cardinal from his lodgings in Rome.

“Cardinal Burke is my enemy, so I am taking away his flat and salary,” the Pope was reported as saying, according to NDC’s Vatican source. The reported comments came as part of the Pope’s meeting with the heads of the Roman curia on November 20.

No specific details of the meeting were released by the Vatican about the event, which itself is a customary, albeit infrequent, occurrence.

The NDC reported that this information had come to them via a “Vatican source” and that it was later corroborated by other sources.