Offend God publicly but then quietly admit your sin and go on with your day. Does that sound like a recipe for success for the Church today?

Make no mistake, this is cowardice. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York told a Catholic laywoman that Father Edward Dougherty, who officiated at the scandalous February 15 funeral service of a transgender activist and atheist in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, “is a hero.”

LifeSite spoke with Wendy Stone Long, who had approached Cardinal Dolan on Saturday, February 17 after his vigil Mass at Blessed Sacrament Parish in New Rochelle, New York. Long told LifeSiteNews that she first asked the cardinal when a Mass of Reparation would take place at the cathedral in order to make reparation for the recent sacrilegious funeral.

Dolan leaned over to Long and whispered into her ear: “You know, I think it’s already happened – they did it on the QT (quiet) so it wouldn’t be disrupted by those protesters.”

When Long insisted that many Catholics would have liked to attend that Mass of Reparation in light of the great scandal of the funeral service, Dolan told her that Dougherty “is a hero” because “he stopped the (funeral) Mass.” And when Long objected that she herself had watched the entire service and that it was not stopped, Dolan said, “Then it went on without him,” and the cardinal turned around and walked away.

Dolan did not use his homily at the Saturday evening vigil Mass in New Rochelle to comment on the scandal that had taken place in his own cathedral some days earlier and since then has not made any public comment on the matter.

Me again: So they allow this outrageous service to happen and the world knows about it but when asked about reparation for this awful event, Cdl Dolan winks and nods and says we’re going to keep that on the QT to avoid publicity.

God’s words no longer need publicizing? Is that what he takes from the state of the world right now? Our broken world cries out for truth but Cardinal Dolan intends to keep the Good News on the QT.

I wonder who he’s saving it for?

Suicide rates are climbing? Children depression rates are skyrocketing? Abortions. Euthanasia. Gender swapping. Christians are being persecuted openly by the government.

And this is the time to keep the truth on the QT?