I Am a White Dwarf
——A smaller, but more intensely burning church could save Europe?

Sacrificing Lives to the Agenda
——AIDS in Africa: Congress prefers lies and death to truth and life.

He Knows Them Each By Name
——Minnesota couple refuses to abort children, six are born.

Christian Persecution Not a Thing of the Past
——Martyrdom is not just for early Christians.

A Lighthearted Look at Zombies.
——Genetic Engineering Advance: Matthew reminds us that these things never end well.

News & Opinion

Ancient Tomb in Mexico Reveals Mass Child Sacrifice
Another great example of how wonderful life was in Mesoamerica before the terrible Christians showed up.

A Motu What?
——A little Motu Proprio humor.

Second death threat sent to head of Italian bishops
Homosexuals are all about tolerance, until you cross them. Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco of Genoa, president of Italy’s episcopal conference, received a second envelope on Saturday containing three bullets and a death threat.

Bush Promises to Veto Stem-Cell Bill
U.S. President George Bush promised to veto the bill passed in both the House and Senate promoting federal funding for the destruction of human embryos.

Catholic Parish Builds Protestant Church
We’ve been buidling protestant churches for years, but this time we did it for actual protestants.

Catholic League vs. Barabra Walters
Bill Donohue’s Catholic Leagues takes out full page ad in the NYT asking Barbara Walters to stop the Catholic bashing.