Greetings Mary, Jam-Packed with Grace
——Liturgy for Dummies (Yes you!). A Bishop Trautman approved version of the ‘Hail Mary.’

We’re Waiting for the Motu Proprio and This is What We Get?!!!
——Vatican Office of Motor Vehicles issues long awaited document.

For Whom The Bowl Tolls
——Prayer in school — Accept no substitute.

The Problem with the ‘Christian Street’
——Christians need to step up their game and burn some stuff.

Something Tells Me Screwtape is Behind This
——The C.S. Lewis Preserve and ‘Mere Stupidity’

News & Opinion

Philippine Archbishop to Pope: Don’t Come Here!
A senior Roman Catholic bishop in the Philippines on Thursday urged Pope Benedict XVI not to accept President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s invitation.

Gay Candidate Goes Down
Dallas rejects gay mayoral candidate.

Pope and Russian Orthodox patriarch could meet within a year
A groundbreaking meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the Russian Orthodox patriarch could take place within a year, a senior Vatican cardinal said Thursday, according to the news agency of the Italian bishops conference.

Pope urges end to Mideast wars, terror
——Pope Benedict made one of his strongest peace appeals on Sunday, calling for an end to all wars and saying the people of the Middle East have had enough of “the horrors of combat, terrorism and blind violence.”

Pope Benedict makes pilgrimage to Assisi
ASSISI, Italy – Pope Benedict XVI began a pilgrimage to this hill town Sunday to mark the 800th anniversary of the conversion of St. Francis from the life of a medieval playboy into a man who stripped away his worldly wealth to serve God.