Name That Motu Proprio
——Your chance to name the Motu Proprio.

Fake Priest Baptizes Real Baby!
——Police pinch priestly impersonator. Is your parish next?

Frodo Lives!
——Good vs. Evil. The quest for the ring in Middle Earth…um, England.

Motu Proprio Home Stretch
——The Bishops could start ignoring it as early as next week.

Papal Smackdown
——In the absence of news, just make some up.

Abuse Tied to Celibacy Requirement?
——VOTF: Celibacy leads to secrecy. I wonder what my wife would say?

Prostitutes in Rome
——Don’t stop for directions.

News & Opinion

President Bush vetos stem-cell bill, expands support for non-embryonic research
US President George W. Bush today vetoed a bill that would have expanded federal government subsidies from embryonic stem-cell research.

Faith of candidates, voters may have role in election, surveys find.
The faith of candidates and of voters may play an important role in the 2008 presidential election, according to two new public opinion surveys.

Tell the Truth Boldly, Urges Pontiff
Papal reflections on Life of St. John the Baptist

Tony Visits Benny
——Our take on how the conversation went.