Motu Proprio Breaking News – The Real Deal
——July 7th is the date.

German Pastor Sentenced to Year in Jail for Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust
——A holocaust is a holocaust folks. Just not in Germany.

How the Green-ch Sold Global Warming
——Dr. Seuss takes on Al Gore.

Religious doctors Killing Women, MSNBC Reports!!
——Media bias, what media bias?.

Britain to Discuss Limiting Abortion, America Still Silenced
——Judicial fiat limits ‘viability’ of reasoned debate on the science of unborn life.

The Adventures of “Fr. Look At Me!”
——A great example why the Motu Proprio cannot come soon enough.

News & Opinion

The Pope pays a visit to Secret Archives and defends the work surrounding Pius XII.
On a visit to the Papal Library and the Vatican’s Secret Archives this morning, Pope Benedict came to the defense of those whose work involves the case of Pope Pius XII.

No! Not that Motu Proprio
Pope changes rules for papal elections.

Faith of candidates, voters may have role in election, surveys find.
The faith of candidates and of voters may play an important role in the 2008 presidential election, according to two new public opinion surveys.

The Conscience of Our Age
Interview With Father Vincent Twomey

Tell the Truth Boldly, Urges Pontiff
Papal reflections on Life of St. John the Baptist

Frodo Lives!
——Good vs. Evil. The quest for the ring in Middle Earth…um, England.