The Vatican has reported its finances and the United States is by far the largest contributor and helped keep it in the black.

“The trend is positive and encouraging,” said Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani, who heads the Vatican’s office of economic affairs. He said the United States has steadily remained the largest source of contributions – even at the height of the clergy sex-abuse scandal a few years ago. Germany and Italy were next in line.”

Up until a few weeks ago, one might have asked what we were getting for our money. But not now.

In the run up to the Pope’s vacation, the Vatican has been cranking out quality product. Just in the last few weeks we have had:

  • Changes to Papal Elections
  • The Letter to Chinese Catholics
  • Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum

and certainly not least…

  • Today’s document addressing the unique role of the Catholic Church in God’s plan for salvation

These last two documents are sure to keep Catholic progressives and Protestants in a tizzy for some time to come. You just can’t put a price tag on this kind of entertainment. Well worth the money in my opinion.